Creating Documentation on GitHub, review culture

I’m perusing around GitHub, and they are exposing a “contributing” page that links to good first issues, contributing guides, and they claim it also uses machine learning to customize content. Here is an example for one of our repos:

and the article:

This is pretty neat, it’s the first attempt at an integration driven by ML, they report to use the Argo framework, and

We also plan to add a mechanism for maintainers and triagers to approve or remove ML-based recommendations in their repositories. Finally, we plan on extending issue recommendations to offer personalized suggestions on next issues to tackle for anyone who has already made contributions to a project.

It’s pretty neat because something like this promises the customize the experience based on previous GitHub experience, possibly making it easier for new contributors, or just more fun!

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Wow that is surprisingly good.

Some difficult ones in there, like Document the core architecture :sweat_smile: But overall lot’s of good suggestions.

I would bet their algorithm saw (based on the human provided labels for the training set) that writing documentation was often a “Good First Issue” since you have to do a little learning / testing of the codebase (and I’d tend to agree with that too). Then since it’s TF-IDF they probably found that “documentation” just had high frequency in these issues, and now pouf we have an incorrect label, haha.


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