Discord Plugin + Cred

Status: proposal


None yet. Help much appreciated.


Right now, it’s impossible to earn any cred from participating in our Discord. That’s unfortunate, since people definitely do create value there. An easy way to patch this would be to make certain reactions (e.g. the :sourcecred: reaction that @Beanow added) flow cred.

Concretely: we could have a plugin that reads the history of our Discord server, and finds every message with at least one :sourcecred: reaction. Then, it can create a node for that message, with edges connecting the reacters to the message that generated the reaction.

Before building this integration, as discussed here, we should make sure we want to commit to Discord. My sense is that since we’re using Discord for the community calls and the podcast production, we’re likely to stick with it.


It will make our Discord feel more cohesively part of the SourceCred plugin.

Implementation plan:

  • Explore Discord API and make sure we can get the messages and reactions
  • Write scraper (modeled on Discourse Plugin + GitHub mirror) that mirrors the Discord data into a local database
  • Create Discord plugin declaration, with message, reaction, and user types
  • Update identity plugin as needed with a new user alias type (discord/username).
  • Create a Discord createGraph method which generates the graph
  • Integrate plugin with loading, add necessary configuration options, etc
  • Possibly add another edge type (:sourcecred: and :supercred:?) for flowing more cred than a standard reaction. (Kind of like :+1: vs :heart:)


  • SourceCred’s own cred will have a Discord plugin, with corresponding edges
  • There will be documentation on how other projects using Discord can activate this plugin





Discord would be a fun one to experiment with reactions for flowing cred. There’s 50 slots for arbitrary emoji’s like :sourcecred: we could play with to do this. Though since they aren’t standard, it’s important to have this as a setting, so other servers can use their own.

I’ve long thought that chat was a rich source of information. Exciting to see this