Fixup Legacy Explorer


The SourceCred legacy UI is a relic from pre-Timeline Cred. However, it still has some UI advantages over TimelineCred: most notably, it allows inspecting the edge structure of the graph directly, seeing which edges and connections a node got cred from.

Even though the cred totals themselves are “wrong” (or at least, not consistent with our canonical scores), this can still be a very useful tool for debugging cred graphs. Also, it has a UI for setting manual node weights, which may be a useful as a hack/temporary way to implement Cred Bounties.

However, the legacy UI is currently broken on SourceCred’s own cred, because it wasn’t updated to support plugins other than GitHub. So it only shows GitHub users and GitHub nodes and edges. I propose to fix this, so we can continue to use the legacy UI while we wait on UI improvements to the main timeline UI.

Status: Completed




Better debugging of our cred (which we do use to pay folks!) and the ability to set manual node weights. If we had this working, it’s unlikely I would have missed that the Discourse reference detection wasn’t working for user mentions.

Implementation plan:

Fixup the legacy UI so that it gets plugin declarations from TimelineCred, rather than hardcoded GitHub plugin. Fix up the user display so it shows all users, not just GitHub users. Don’t need to bother changing the total cred values–the values in the legacy plugin will just have arbitrary normalization.


Navigating to the legacy UI on our cred produces useful results across all plugins.




Devils advocate here, does the time investment warrant keeping the legacy UI around vs implementing this as an enhancement to the timeline UI? Especially since I feel like the UI in general is probably the biggest thing to work on next after initiatives (Summary of planning chat).

And nit for “Status: Championed” I’m not sure what this means exactly other than what the next section tells me (“Champion: @decentralion”).

How about, status planned? As opposed to proposal or not started, combined with having a champion, I would think this means the champion has committed to doing this work, though hasn’t started.

Great question @Beanow. The reason I added myself as a Champion here is because I had actually already started work on it, as having the ability to use the legacy UI (even at a most basic level) was helpful for setting custom weights for CredSperiment week 5.

I’ve already achieved the basic goals of this Initiative (see the “Contributions” section, which I’ve just updated). However, the scores from the legacy UI are still weird/confusing, very different from the Timeline scores. Actually, we can’t even use the weights from Timeline cred, since the legacy concept of node weight is quite different from the Timeline interpretation of node weight, and the 0 weights for users are breaking for legacy but fine for timeline.

Re status: good point, “status: started” would have been more accurate. I’m going to consider this finished with the bare minimum 2 hours of effort that got the UI working at its most basic level, but won’t invest any more effort, for the reasons you mentioned.