Logo Coloring Game

Logo Coloring Game

Status: proposal



Initiative Description:

A lot of thought went into SourceCred’s logo design. However, the colors in the design were picked pretty hastily. I think with some thought and experiment, we might find colors we like better.

I propose that we use this as an opportunity to launch a lighthearted game using cred. First, we’ll make an observable notebook that makes it super easy to change the colors in the logo (using this notebook as a starting point). Then, we’ll launch a SourceCred game where people propose color pallettes by screenshotting color settings they came up with and posting into a Discourse thread. Finally, we can use cred-weighted-voting to choose the final logo.


  • Get a really awesome set of color choices for the logo (and other future branding)
  • Engage the community in a fun way
  • Emphasize that cred is more than just code
  • Dogfood cred weighted voting

Implementation plan:

  • Make a notebook with a good UI for changing the colors
  • Set up the thread for people to post color choices
  • Promote the game and invite participation
  • Run cred weighted voting and finalize winning colors

Estimated Work (hours):





I was actually thinking about leveraging the logo design for a reactive contribution chart using D3 - so the muted colors are actually GOOD imho.

This is Implement Cred Weighted Prioritization, right?

(Maybe make this post a wiki? :slight_smile: )

Wiki-fied. Every initiative is intended to be a wiki; I have an idea of making a bot to automatically do it, in the mean time feel free to use your admin privileges to fix any initiatives.

EDIT: Update, I made every new topic in this forum a wiki by default. Turns out there’s a setting for it.