Organize categories with tags

The site is currently (largely) organized based on categories. Per discussion in Simplifying our Discourse categories there is some desire to simplify the organization by making categories more general.

I’ve had several instances of writing topics when I felt that it would have been appropriate to add tags, but given my trust level / other factors I’m not able to add new tags. I would like to propose that after the linked topic is resolved (and we have some new set of categories) we come up with a small grouping of category tags to help to further organize content. Here were my ideas from the previous topic:

  • The Credsperiment : cred, grain, weighs
  • Research : design, proposal, question
  • Media : art, podcast, presentation
  • Site Feedback : (note to keep as is)
  • Initiatives : maybe tags to correspond to initiative type?

Tags are relevant across categories, so for example if a piece of art was shared as an initiative, it could still be tagged with “art.” For other discourse installs, tags have come in handy for labeling multiple “sub-topics” for a topic. The biggest use case for this is search. For example, here is the slurm tag that has a permalink for the site, and you’ll see topics that are present across categories. Tags is also useful as a navigation tool - here is the tags page for the same site. If you click on any particular tag, there is also a little bell in the top right that would let you subscribe to notifications for it.

Importantly, I think we want to afford general top level categories, and tags would do well to ensure that we can still have more specific labels. My proposal would be to finish deciding on the overall categories, and then have (the higher trust levels) implement a small set of tags intended for each. Note that there is no issue if a tag is used outside of it’s intended category (e.g., the art example). Once we have the tags, it should be fairly tedious (but not too hard) to go through previous posts and tag them. Actually, this exercise might even be done in advance to go through the site and think “What tags would I choose for this post, if I could make any set?”

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