Playing To Win (for fun and profit)

Creating a thread to post all the different ways you could potentially game SourceCred!

What inspired me to start this thread is that I just created a mega comment in another thread. I could easily have broken this into multiple threads (and probably should have), but I just created on long thread instead. As a result, regardless of if someone likes multiple points I posted or just one, each reader can only give me a single “like”. If I had broken it into several comments I could have gotten many more likes on many more comments.

Maybe this is good because it encourages community members to break each idea into it’s own comment to be replied to accordingly? Maybe it’s bad because then arguments will be more likely to become fragmented, encouraging short pithy statements like on Twitter vs long form constructed ideas? I dunno… but it’s def something to consider if points are being given out for likes. The more opportunities people have to like your stuff, the higher the likelihood that you’ll get lots of likes

See also Farming cred attacks/abuse

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