Proposal for Community Health Files

hey everyone! This is my effort to create a (sub) initiative around documentation - following @s_ben initiative here. I’d like to get some discussion going on the Community Health documentation repository, and I’ve outlined a plan in this issue. For those that want a quick answer and don’t want to read there, my proposal is that:

  • I’ll open a PR for each of the files that need to be added, and post the link / update here to notify others that feedback is wanted!
  • I’ll try to choose a common, simple template that we can modify specific to our community (when relevant)
  • each PR should be open for at least 2 weeks to give everyone substantial time to think and respond
  • after the community health docs are added, I want to work with @s_ben (and others interested) to design the static file organization and design, and then integrate these community docs.

Let me know if I’m missing any details! Please post feedback here, and give a :+1:to the GitHub issue when it looks good to you and I can move forth with creating the pull requests for discussion.


This is great!

While I felt a sense of “ownership/championship” in getting the the ball rolling, my hope was that someone else would step up and champion (I’m already champtioning the Podcast and Community call and am spread a little thin). You seem like the perfect champion for this! And your plan looks solid. I could “co-champion” I suppose, but I’m not sure how that works, and in any case I think it makes more sense to have one champion here. I’m down to help make this happen though (and have the experience to help with most aspects). Would just want to have my contributions linked to the Initiative node so I can get some cred :sourcecred: :slight_smile:

I think the next step (assuming we’ve reached consensus on this), is for you to create an Initiative post, as outlined in the [DRAFT] Initiatives Guide. Or are we ready to beta test the Initiatives plugin @Beanow?

Understood! Yes I’m happy to lead any effort on documentation, it’s something that (weirdly) I’ve cared a lot about over the years, probably because if I don’t write everything down in inordinate detail I’ll quickly forget :slight_smile:

The docs repository already has a lot of movement, so I’ll ping everyone to take a look at the .github proposed plan of action during the call this week, and then jump off from there.


I think it’s not a hard requirement, but very much helpful if you could write an Initiative topic for this.

As far as readiness of the plugin goes I’ve responded here: Unified reference detection

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