Some questions as a new comer

Hi all! This is Jessie from China,very excited to join SC! Now i m also doing research and event in the space of DAO and i strongly thought how to review ppl’s contribution and give incentives based on the credit score/performance can be a keystone for DAOs.

I knew there are already many insightful discussions here, as a new comer i have listed down my curiosity and interests, hope someone can answer or give guidence on where to find the existing discussions ;). Many thanks!

I m also keen to apply any testable model to DAO communities in China to see if people can better collaborate and be engaged towards a common goal.

Here are the questions:

1)How do you apply this philosophy in SC community and how does it work,what was the most workable part and challenging part?

  1. Follow the question,how do people actually get from earning the credit,i understand is through Grain the token?

3)Who is responsible for assign weight(and change the weight) to contributors? is the owner/initiator should set the rules ahead?

4)How does SC apply the PageRank algorithm to the social contributing graph ,can you give an visualized example to brief the process if possible?

  1. Now under what circumstances can people contribute and be credited- Contributing code and posting in discource,or ELSE?

6)How to plug sourcecred into some DAOs? Do you have the plan OR already have the case (into Aragon DAOs)?

7)I saw from one post (if I m not wrong)saying that one of the major difference betwwen colony and sourcecred is sourcecred can better help value the complex work contribution(i guess like the UI/UX work is complex enough lol) ,can you go more further into that?

I have strong interests in this is because I have seen practice of some DAO in China and they actually not so emphasize the contribution recognition and build such reputation system to better distribute the incentives.

It’s some kind of wired when you make contribution and a “person" showed you an excel and told you how much token you earn based only on his judgement.

And another problem is the tasks are not well detail down at the very beginning , they tell people we want to do this (say,an event) and let’s figure out how to do it without telling the expected reward(or “reputation”) from taking the task,oh yeah they list down the roles and responsibilities.