SourceCred Viz Stuff

Not sure where to put this so I’m just creating a new thread. If this is better as a comment elsewhere feel free to move it or let me know and I’ll delete and repost.

Came across this tweet visualizing the progress of the PRs on the Prysm project (Eth2.0). Something similar for SourceCred would be really cool where someone could, if they wanted, playback the history of a project and see all the connections and how cred was earned. Obviously that’s a nice to have vs core feature, but it really does help to make the data come alive in a clear and intuitive way :slight_smile:

So essentially, like this demo, but with a timeline feature. Maybe first displaying the simple historical chart, and then giving users the option to view it more dynamically? If that could be integrated into the homepage of the website it would make the value prop of SourceCred immediately intuitive for so many people.

If that’s too complex or requires too much computation, maybe just take snapshots at regular intervals (like this) that the user could cycle through to see progress on project development and the flow of cred/grain in response?