The SourceCred GitHub Action

Status: In progress



As touched on in Productivity / Quality of Life for instance maintainers, there’s a clear need to automate maintenance tasks surrounding a SourceCred instance.

This GitHub action will provide an easy to adopt, reproducible way to keep SourceCred instances up to date. By way of wrapping sourcecred in a container with variables exposed via the GitHub actions interface (action.yml) we can easily update the internals without changing the UI.

Implementation plan

  1. Research options and build a prototype (already available).
  2. Move the prototype to the SourceCred organization (#11).
  3. Coordinate with SourceCred Instance System to have a compatible & similar interface.
  4. Publish on GitHub Marketplace
  5. Write (or link to) example recipes, write a tutorial or blog post
  6. (… expand here)


  • The sourcecred/action (or similarly named) repository exposes a GitHub action, published and versioned on the GitHub marketplace, for easy usage.
  • At least one blog / tutorial with examples.




  • Too many to link :slight_smile:

@anon60584824 I’ve created a placeholder for this initiative.

Feel free to edit this as you see fit. And whether or not you would like to champion, I would endorse and believe you currently are the champion, but don’t want to decide this for you :smile:

How these initiatives relate:

I intended to describe the overall goals with Productivity / Quality of Life for instance maintainers (Make config / CLI simpler, automate maintainer tasks, …)

Which I’d split up into smaller initiatives, such as this one for the GitHub action, and the SourceCred Instance System currently. Possibly more spawn out of it :]

Will do! Btw, I would encourage to use GitHub’s request to review for all the actions work you would like to me to look at: