Weekly SourceCred Community Call

We’re launching a weekly SourceCred community call! It will be every other Tuesday at 10am PT / 7pm CEST. The call will be hosted in our Discord server (invite link), in the general voice channel.

It’s published on Google Calendar. If you’d like a direct email invitation to the event, please send me a private message with your email.

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@s_ben: would you be willing to champion the call scheduling? Both updating this topic, confirming whats on the agenda for next week, etc.

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Sure. Updated topic, calendar invite.

That’s great news!

The calendar invite says “could not find the requested event”. I had the same issue when organizing a call. The best solution we found was to send email invitations, the added benefit is that if you ever change the call time then people have the event time automatically updated in their calendar (obv. works with any other change). Oh and we made a typeform for people to submit their email, but sending a pm to you Dandelion works too I suppose.

Yeah, we’re trying to get away from GCal, but still in its clutches for now… Good tip on email invitations. I am currently the champion of community calls. If you PM me your address (s_ben on Dischord too), I can add you to event.