A wondering... Do we need a poll right meow? Is there relational way?

Hi there community-

I left our meeting today deeply curious about the necessity of a poll to determine membership for collaborating in the 8 week UBI experiment.

I found myself seeking options for transformational boundary creation, and implementing community values-aligned, collective determination of participation in this incubator of a project.

Sensing a super strong desire to not replicate the history of exclusionary use of polls within the SourceCred community, and wishing to establish a way to use our self efficacy & a clearer path for how we can opt into participating.

Within this reflection I’d like to offer a possible option for us to maybe opt out of the labor of creating and implementing a poll to determine participation in the 8 week UBI experimentation.

The interest I’m brewing on is a way to create a system by which folx can opt into participate in the 8 week incubator via:

  • Sharing our general scope of skills, and state the types of projects we are each highly interested in collaborating on.
  • Help the team understand if each person opting in generates ideas and produces work better alone, 1-1 or in small groups. And to share up front any other accessibility needs, wants, desires you have.
  • Offering our highest days of flexibility/availability in your schedule.

With this data we can get clearer on how to distribute collaboration of the 8 weeks & projects at hand.

Some next steps could be:

  • Every two weeks we reestablish clarity on the roster of folx participating in that particular two week container via another opportunity to opt in via the steps above- with the possibility of folx taking breaks, and new folx maybe opting in.
  • Practicing trusting each other’s agency to state if you’re not available to work with folx due to any clear reason that makes it hard for you to show up in your fullest capacity in a particular working relationship. Could be because of scheduling, could be learning style, or possibly past relational history that creates difficulty. Our no’s will be respected and held with care.
    • If there are asks/needs for any participant to feel supported approaching negotiating working group boundaries we can add that into the proposal’s care plan.

With these guidelines we would be giving ourselves permission to give a fuck yes to the work we are opting in on for this container.

Additionally, here are some considerations that could require participants to wait to opt in:

  • If folx have any active/unresolved conflict in the community, those peeps need to wait until stronger containers, and restorative relational systems are created via the infrastructure that is being built within this incubation/creation time, to opt into the collaborative efforts and experimental container.

Lastly… A thought drop for the masses… Do we wanna call it UBI when it’s not universal? Maybe EBI? Emergent Basic Income? (collaborative name from @Aloysious) or maybe Emergent Needs Basic Income (real cute cause it’s ENBI ;))

Super open to feedback & suggestions, this is just a thought plant and my hope is that it can manifest in the most streamlined and mutually supportive way for the SC community.

Much love y’all!


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yassss I love this so much Morgan

  • 1 to ENBI!

+1 to relational ways of opting in to participate in this way. What i love is that this structure invite self-connection and self-responsibility to articulate how we work, what we bring, where our juice is, and logistics/scheduling, which then gives the group body enough info to actually have a hell yes.

This is basically setting up relational ways to allow genuine consent for getting to choose who we work with, in what capacity, and how we do that work individually and together. This is rad.

With a well-held relational container, this process also inherently contains conscious feedback for each of us; we get to relate authentically about how we show up, and get to hear from others how they are impacted (in mutually beneficial ways and in challenging ways) by how we show up. I think this could support us individually to expand and grow not thru exclusion or punishment or judgement but thru committing to grow and stay curious while we learn together , how to be well together in our work and play.

I look so forward to fleshing this out today at 11 AM if other folks are also down w/ this no-poll genius


Love the care and attention. Thank you for slowing down, and also reflecting back what came up.

^ in this specific case of a poll created for membership, or in the past when a bot was used to silence a community member who would have benefitted from a much needed discussion > a poll for inclusion felt insensitive to me as a sourcecred contributor as a tool we may implement upon one another. The social implications make my lip curl. I imagine the bot holding responses and not being able to hold the conflicts energy in the same way humxns could when relating.

Thank you for taking the time to share / be transparent there’s so much in your post to be harvested.

Consent and Boudaries are to Narcissism what holy water is to daemons.


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