Bonding Curve References

I have a feeling that a [bonding curve] will be the right mechanism for creating grain:$ redeemability. I’m going to start collecting valuable references on bonding curves here so that we can flow cred to the authors and explainers of bonding curves once we start using them ourselves.

Also, a big thanks to @mzargham for all of the pioneering work he’s done on bonding curves.

This post is a wiki, feel free to add more references!


Here are a few more references to check out:

Continuous Organizations

A Javascript app for playing with Augmented bonding curve

Multidimensional bonding curve (bonding surface)

Exploring the Uniswap case by @markusbkoch


Ben Scholtz from Molecule/Protea put together a solid repo of the latest bonding curve examples here:

The Commons Stack is excited to experiment with integrations between SourceCred and the Augmented Bonding Curve, perhaps even for an early test of a cadCAD Commons for continuous funding of repo maintenance. More chats to come!

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