Cred/Grain Dynamics

Boosting works retro-actively. For example, as soon as we enable boosting, I am gonna go back and boost initiatives/pulls related to the initial buildout of the Graph module, since it’s one of the most vital pieces of SourceCred. :slight_smile: So you can start working now, and keep track of what you want to boost.

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Would also be cool if there was a token curated list of all the initiatives ranked by the amount of Cred flowing to them (via boosting or engagement). Then contributors would know what’s valuable and curators could hunt for under appreciated cool stuff and then boost it to get it on the leader board.

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Should be pretty easy to add once the initiatives plugin is merged. The UI already supports filtering arbitrary types by highest cred.

Adding an integration to Discourse, so that we could sort-by-cred, would be really interesting.

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Awesome! Added this idea to an “Initiatives Wishlist” so that when the initiatives plugin is merged someone can adopt this idea (if they want)

I think the fact that you enjoyed synthesizing data as part of your process is really useful actually. One thing I keep coming back to is the potential of SourceCred to value work that people just feel like doing. Because often, like with your recap thread, people do end up doing work that isn’t glamorous, just because they know it’s valuable. And those contributions, in aggregate, are often enough. Open source is taking over, it seems, in spite of not having enough traditional documentation. It just needs enough to get the job done. There’s also often degeneracy. Not in the bad sense of the word, but in the sense that it has redundancies. There are multiple paths to the same information, in different formats (thread, GitHub README, blog, video, etc.). What is important is just that the path to understanding is robust and not too painful.

That said, someone making a concerted effort to put it all together in useful, more complete docs, is also clearly valuable. This is where something like Champions would be useful. I would brainstorm more about how to collaborate here, but actually am getting pulled into my normal tech writing gig here, which is going to keep me very busy for the next couple weeks. Between that and the podcast (which I’m championing), should probably not commit to any more right now. But going to be chewing on issue in the meantime.


Been thinking about this so much lately. The idea that it “just works” is amazing. Focus on what you love, do the work, and forget about everything else. It’s a dream come true :slight_smile:

I feel like we should really explore, emphasize, and advertise this as one of the core value props of SourceCred.