SourceCred Value Prop

Been thinking a lot about “What is SourceCred and how can we communicate that clearly?

This is essential to guide product decisions around what is SourceCred and what are extra features. It’s also essential to help onboard new users and community members. We’ve clearly outlined the problem and solution in the Manifesto, but what’s the elevator pitch? What’s the most concise and actionable articulation of SourceCred’s value prop?

I think @s_ben hit it on the head here:

The idea that SourceCred “just works” is amazing. Focus on what you love, do the work, and forget about everything else. It’s a dream come true :slight_smile:

To me, the UX of how to play the SourceCred game is almost as important as the fact that SourceCred can value contributions that would otherwise go unrecognized. What it is is amazing, but the experience of contributing is truly magic. I feel like we should really explore, emphasize, and advertise this as one of the core value props of SourceCred.

But first… how does everyone else feel about this? What’s the “magic moment” that makes SourceCred worth it for you to be here vs all the other things you could be doing? What do you love most about SourceCred?

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To build on this, the tagline of SourceCred is “A (reputation) protocol for open collaboration.” I like to drop the “reputation” part so that the cadence of words flows better, but anyways… the point is that SourceCred allows us to collaborate better. As such, the “magic moment” seems like it would be getting recognized and rewarded for your first contribution. This means that the #1 goal of the community experience should be to get people playing the game as fast as possible so that they can start earning rewards. If they start contributing, and start earning rewards, and they like it - they’re likely to keep doing so.

To achieve this I’m starting to build out the Getting Started category, tagging Initiatives that are up for adoption, and organizing the Initiatives Wish List. Open to any and all other suggestions as to how we can improve onboarding to help people play the SourceCred game ASAP :slight_smile:

Note: this does not mean that the goal is to have a large number of DAU/MAU (although that would be cool too). The goal is to reduce the friction and the time to a user’s first “magic moment”