Organizing SourceCred's Discourse



Championed and in progress.




It will be easier and more fun to play the SourceCred and engage with the community :slight_smile:

Implementation Plan

Go through the forum top to bottom to organize content, resurface important ideas, and make it easy for people to get engaged with the community.

Get feedback and a review from TBD (Temporary Benevolent Dictator) and/or the SourceCred community.

Incorporate suggestions/requests and/or make Initiative as complete.


  • [x] Organize unorganized threads.
  • [x] Categories are organized so that it’s easy to find information.
  • [x] Categories have helpful About sections, tags, templates, and defaults.
  • [x] General information about SourceCred is easy to find in the header and footer of the forum.
  • [ ] Bonus item: find a header that allows us to recreate the SourceCred website on the homepage for the forum (might end up being it’s own Initiative depending on how complicated this is).

The banner topic has been the most controversial and disruptive of the forum organization tasks, so this will be deferred to another Initiative with a more detailed scope and process.


All the work done by the Discourse community to make it easy to hack on Discourse :slight_smile:



  • Please help us organize this Discourse - @decentralion’s request for help organizing the SourceCred Discourse. TBD (Temporary Benevolent Dictator) then elected @burrrata as Champion of Discourse which turned into this Initiative that you’re reading now.
  • Forum Organization - A brainstorm about how the SourceCred Discourse forum might be organized.
  • "Cred Historians" and Curators - This idea contributed significantly to the overall organization style and approach of the forum.
  • Discourse Upgrades - Exploration of lots of plugins and features that could help us upgrade the SourceCred community’s Discourse.
  • Dark mode was made the default theme for Discourse and the option to users to change the theme was added to the drop down hamburger menu.
  • Creating the Kanban board on the Initiatives Category and tagging all Initiatives according to their stage.
  • Initiative Tags & Emojis - Added tags to emojis so that they could be filtered in the Kanban board on the Initiatives category.
  • Discourse Director - Explored how we might incentivize and maintain the forum long term. This idea seems to have been rejected via rough consensus, but out of it came the idea that anyone who makes changes to Discourse needs to document those so that future contributors can understand how the forum works.
  • SourceCred Discourse Admin Docs - Documents the Discourse features and plugins that were enabled so that future community members can easily contribute to maintaining this forum.
  • Discord Login - This attempted to add a Discord login for SourceCred, but it turns out that we don’t have the ability to integrate custom plugins at this time.
  • SourceCred Community Badges - Explores how we might use badges to recognize community members. Not a lot of activity here, but at least now we know that this is possible and we can move forward if we want to.
  • Website Feedback - Initial website feedback that ended up being integrated into Discourse. Ties into conversations about integrating the website and Discourse.
  • Updating the Initiatives category about thread - Just updated the about page.
  • SourceCred Value Prop - The organization of Discourse was inspired by trying to give users information about the most important aspects of SourceCred to users as soon as possible, and what is important was brainstormed here (as well as other places).
  • They/them badge and title - A they/them badge for community members.
  • Banner and welcome thread feedback - Community feedback on the banner which led to that being deferred until a future Initiative.
  • RFC: Renaming the top bar links - Community feedback on the banner titles.
  • @burrrata and @decentralion discussed how the SourceCred Discourse might be optimized moving forward. It might make sense to try a proposal system where community members can propose changes, get feedback from the community, and if then if there is consensus implement the change and add it to the SourceCred Discourse as a contribution.
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@decentralion Added explanations and a timeline of events to the Contributions of this Initiative. It would be great if you could review and provide feedback so that we can wrap this Initiative up and mark it as completed. Then we can start using RFCs/RFPs for Discourse organization.