Initiative Tags & Emojis

Going through everything to organize it.

There’s lots of stuff that needs to go in the Initiatives Wish List. Some of these are retroactive and some are future looking. In both cases we would like Initiatives for them.

There’s also a lot of championed initiatives that are either not started, in progress, or completed. Hard to tell just by browsing the Initiatives category. Adding tags to make these easier to understand and contribute to.

So TL;DR: things need tags. Just adding words is kind of annoying to sift through, but with emojis it’s easier. Emojis, however, are very subjective and something that people often have strong opinions on. Therefore, if you have opinions on tags or emojis, please share them here :slight_smile:

Oh and guess what?!!!

We have a SourceCred emoji! :sourcecred:

Just type :sourcecred: and the logo will appear!

The tags and board are pretty neat :]