SourceCred Discourse


The SourceCred Discourse forum is where the SourceCred community share updates, discusses ideas, and plays the CredSperiment.

Knowledge is power. Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information. This is because information is useless unless it’s organized. Keeping SourceCred’s Discourse forum organized will make it easier for people to find information, have intelligent discussions, and earn Cred for doing so. This creates leverage to empower the SourceCred community to make SourceCred the best it can be.


Discourse makes the SourceCred Discourse possible. Also, the Discourse meta forum has provided the information we needed to upgrade this forum.

@decentralion created and maintained this forum for a long time.

Then @decentralion asked someone to Please help us organize this Discourse

Then @burrrata Championed the Initiative of Organizing SourceCred's Discourse

The SourceCred Logo is featured in many places on the SourceCred Discourse forum.


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