SourceCred Logo


The SourceCred logo is the visual representation of the SourceCred project. A picture says a thousand words and the logo communicates the vision and value prop of SourceCred instantly. This logo is featured on our product, in our documentation, an across our community channels. It’s a mental anchor that people use as the foundation of their idea of what SourceCred is.



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@burrrata, I think it makes sense to have the SourceCred logo as an artifact; it also seemed like the process that generated the current SourceCred logo made sense as an initiative, since it was a historical/time defined process and had a champion (me). So I wrote up this initiative and linked to it as the main contribution, let me know what you think.

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Awesome! :slight_smile:

Would be interesting to somehow track page views and/or send a bit of Cred from the communication channels that use the logo to the logo artifact. Added this Logo Artifact as a contribution to all the community channels as well since it’s feature on all of them. Will need to figure out how to weight that appropriately.

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