Retroactive Cred Activation


Lots of people did lots of cool stuff, but didn’t get the recognition or rewards they deserved. Without their contributions we would not be here today, but frankly, we’ve forgotten about them. In the best case their work is buried deep in the foundation of the forum. In the worst case their work was never documented at all. This initiative is to curate a list of contributions that could, should, and would be rewarded and recognized once we’re ready for retroactive Cred activation via Initiatives and Boosting.


Championed and in progress


@burrrata is taking the lead on this, but frankly it’s a team endeavor so happy to co-champion this with anyone who wants (even if that’s everyone here lol)


If the SourceCred community is viewed as a fair, reasonable, and collaborate community people will want to contribute more. This might also “awaken the dead” and inspire many old time contributors to come back with a second wind.

Implementation Plan

Create a big list of things that could be recognized and rewarded.

Discuss those things with the community (would be great if we had Cred weighted prioritization for this)

Cred will then flow to new Initiatives and Artifacts. (May or may not also include Boosting.)


Create a bunch of Initiatives and Artifacts for contributions that added value to SourceCred, but were not recognized or rewarded at the time.




The following Initiatives and Artifacts have been created to retroactively support past contributions :slight_smile:

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Write the Initiatives Plugin has been merged to master! Next steps are to use it for our own SourceCred instance, and publish a release.

So this initiative will get a bump in priority :]

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