Flowing cred to @protocol

As @Beanow pointed out here, it’s a little strange that Protocol Labs has so little cred and formal influence in SourceCred, given that they have been supporting the project since the beginning.

Part of the problem is that Protocol Labs has no Discourse account, so they couldn’t be referenced… until now! I made an @protocol account so that we can flow cred to Protocol Labs like any other contributor. I also took the liberty of editing some old posts that mention or thank Protocol Labs so that they would include cred references.

Going forward, when we do the Retroactive Initialization, I expect we’ll create a lot of new edges from initiatives that point to @protocol. For example, the “Found SourceCred” initiative will probably receive plenty of cred, and will have an edge to PL.


Adding a post from this account, so our Discourse plugin will pick it up. :slight_smile:

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