Discourse from Day 1

One of the delays for the CredSperiment has been my requirement that we launch with support for Discourse (this forum) from day one. From a purely practical perspective, it would be easier to drop this requirement, and launch the CredSperiment earlier.

However, I think it’s really important that SourceCred doesn’t fall into the trap of exclusively (or overwhelmingly) valuing technical contributions, while missing out on the many other kinds of labor that go into a successful project and community. We don’t yet have the tools needed to measure and recognize things like emotional labor or artistic creativitiy, but some more of that gets seen on the Discourse than on GitHub. So, including the Discourse is a step in the right direction.

By waiting to start the exciting experiment until after we’ve got that first step in place, I hope we can set the pattern that while we value being fast, it’s also very important to do things well.



Interested in seeing how cred will be mapped across Discourse contributions. I guess I’m not familiar with the platform enough to know exactly all the ways people can contribute here besides posting/commenting/liking.


Also think this is important. Intuitively, it seems interactions should measure value across domains. E.g. a cool piece of art will get a :heart: from me, as will interesting relevant design discussions, crypto economics, philosophy, etc.

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I support this :slight_smile:

More research into representing and rewarding all the contributions that make projects great would be a huge win for open source and humanity in genral

I like the idea of domains so that memes don’t dominate everything, but also… how do we determine which domains are worth what? That seems more like a governance problem