SourceCred Outreach Strategy

Hopped over to SourceCred’s Twitter out of curiosity. There’s some really cool stuff, but there’s lots more that could be shared. It would be great if we had an easy way to flag stuff to get shared on Twitter. This could include threads with thought provoking ideas, announcements, and shout-outs for awesome community contributions.

We might accomplish this by:

  • Having a protocol/best-practice where any community call, presentation, or announcement that gets posted to Discourse also gets shared on Discord and Twitter.
  • Having a DRI for SourceCred marketing and/or a DRI for each SourceCred communication channel so that if someone finds or creates something that they think should be shared with the world.
  • Creating plugins and/or Initiatives for our communication channels and outreach strategies so that contributors are rewarded for their efforts :slight_smile:

There’s probably lots of other ways to optimize this too. What do you guys think is the best way to go about optimizing the SourceCred outreach strategy so that people who want to know about SourceCred can get information and engage with the community?

Edit: apparently we have a Medium blog too. Who knew? I certainly didn’t…