The Discord Channels

This is a topic to describe the current state of our Discord’s channel organization, and the descriptions that accompany each existing channel.

To provide feedback, get clarification, or propose new channels for the discord organization, you can either comment on this topic here in Discourse, or post in the #organization channel on Discord.

The Discord Channels and their Descriptions:

Below you’ll find a list of the existing channels as they appear in our community Discord. Along with each channel title is the description that appears in that channel’s pinned banner.

Getting Started Category: Where new folks can land and be guided into the community.

:checkered_flag: #start-here

Welcome to the SourceCred community! We’re so excited that you’ve found your way here. This is where the community creating SourceCred has its daily conversations about the philosophies, strategies, and vision that make up this project. If you want to learn more about SourceCred, contribute to creating it, use SourceCred in your projects/communities, or just keep your finger on the pulse of this endeavor then you’re in the right place.

So where do you go from here? There are a few things you can do to dive in:

Start by exploring, there you can:

  • Read available documentation like the Manifesto, the Concepts guides, Setup & Usage guides, and learn How to Get Involved.
  • Peruse our Blog which provides regular updates about our goals, progress, decisions, and celebrations.
  • View the Prototype which shows the cred scores for the SourceCred community.
  • Learn more about some of the core people contributing to SourceCred right now.
  • Explore Media like talk recordings and podcast episodes.

Once you’ve had your fill, come let us know you’re around by saying hello on the #introductions channel here in Discord! There’s a list of questions you can answer about yourself in the banner at the top of the channel. Then go explore the rest of our Discord, there’s a lot to engage in!

Lastly, come join us for our weekly Community Call where newcomers are encouraged to come say hello, ask questions, and share in the discussion. It’s every Tuesday in the Discord voice channels at 11am PT, check our How to Get Involved guide for a GCal invite link.

Questions of all kinds are always welcome in the #support channel, and feedback is always welcome in the #feedback channel. Happy exploring!

:wave: #introductions

Let us know who you are!

Choose a few questions to answer: What is your name? What are your pronouns? What are your interests/skills? How did you find the community? What other communities or projects are you a part of? What about SourceCred is exciting to you? This is an open invitation to share yourself with us a bit.

Community Category : The general social channels we use to interact, chill, and establish social norms.

:sourcecred: #general

In this channel you can chat about anything related to SourceCred. Not sure where to share your question or comment? Give it a try here!

:mega: #announcements

Here is where the Core team can announce meetings, calls to action, new goals, achievements to be celebrated, etc, to the rest of the community.

:question: #support

Have a question, and not sure where to ask it? You can always ask your questions about any SourceCred related topic in this channel regardless of your experience level.

:ear: #feedback

Let us know how you feel about SourceCred and the experience of working with us. Share your comments, constructive criticism, and compliments.

:speaking_head: #random-chitchat

Get to know the other folks in the community. Go on, talk amongst yourselves.

:raised_hands: #props

Use props to give a shout out when someone else does work that has really aided or impacted you, especially for contributions the algorithm is currently blind to. To write a props, just describe how you were helped or impacted and tag the person who did the helping with an “@name”. React to props with a :sourcecred: emoji if you see a shout out you wholeheartedly agree with! Eventually both the posting of props and the :sourcecred: reaction will flow cred (but not just yet). It is general practice not to :sourcecred: a props you’re tagged in.

:muscle: #didathing

Use didathing to give yourself some recognition when you complete important work you’re proud of, or that the community should know about. Especially if it’s a contribution the current algorithm would likely miss. Give a little description of what you did and a link to any artifacts you created, and tag anyone who contributed alongside you with an “@name”. React to didathings with a :sourcecred: emoji if it’s a contribution you’re especially grateful for. Eventually both the posting of a didathing and the :sourcecred: reaction will flow cred (but not just yet). It is general practice not to :sourcecred: your own didathing.

:brain: #learning

Share with us the resources and tools that you think may support the community (in productivity and personal health) as we work to create SourceCred together. Ask about the topics or skills you want to learn about and see what the community may have for you!

:heart: #inspirations

Share links to anything that may inspire, support, facilitate, or fascinate our community as we work on SourceCred.

:eyes: #social-media

Bump your tweets about SourceCred! Find SourceCred mentioned in the wild and share what the wider world is saying about our project! Discuss ways we could get SourceCred in front of the right audiences. Pseudo outreach.

Discussion Category: A space for discussion about some of the major (and sometimes more abstract) concepts that make up SourceCred

:crown: #governance

A space to discuss the concepts, theories, ideas, and implementations of different types of governance and how they relate to SourceCred.

:seedling: #community-cultivation

Here we think about the different ways communities collaborate and communicate to become wholehearted and effective. This is also the home base of SourceCred’s Community Cultivation team who actively works to enable SourceCred’s growth as a healthy community. Let’s decide the social norms and collective values together.

:bar_chart: #cryptoeconomics

The space to think together about the way SourceCred integrates with money and crypto as we design a new economic paradigm together.

:ledger: #organization

Here’s where we discuss the ways our community and its systems/tools are organized. This is a great place to share tools/resources for collaboration, suggest tweaks to the systems we organize ourselves with (like a discord channel you’d like to see) or entirely new ways we could go about things (like the onboarding machine, or coding zones)!

:bulb: #philosophy

How do our values, human nature, and ideas about the future relate to the work that SourceCred and similar communities are doing to redefine the fundamental assumptions we all make about what value is and how it’s created or measured?

:globe_with_meridians: #business-strategy

Here you can discuss and ask questions about the direction SourceCred is going, its milestones, and strategy for future growth.

Development: Channels that facilitate the coordination of actions that move SourceCred forward.

:hammer_and_wrench: #programming

Coordinate while you hack! Get help with your work and learn the social norms of hacking with us. This is the home of the Development Team who works to build the infrastructure of SourceCred.


Get help with implementing SourceCred in your communities, and its backend functions.

:electric_plug: #plugins

A place to discuss the implementation of plugins, updates on plugins in the works, get help using plugins in your project’s instance, and ideas for plugins you’d find valuable.

:scroll: #documentation

Here you can suggest ideas for new guides or concept explanations, collaborate on writing documentation, help define procedures and norms around writing/reviewing docs, and get your docs questions answered.

:art: #design

A channel for thinking about the visual aspects of SourceCred. From data visualization, to our user interface, to SourceCred themed artwork. Share your thoughts, strategies, and visuals here.

:white_check_mark: #review-requests

If you have something SourceCred related that you would like other opinions on, or need a review to move forward in your work, you can broadcast it here. Share a direct link to what you’re working on so others can check it out and unblock you.

:nut_and_bolt: #feature-request

If you’re running SourceCred on your own community you may have specific feature needs. This is where you can talk about your ideas with the folks contributing on SourceCred.

:railway_track: #beta-milestone

This is where the SourceCred team can coordinate on our beta.1 milestone goals, updates, realignments, and implementation.

CoCommunities : a little home for our co-communities within the larger home of SourceCred. A place they can shill, share ideas, and vibe.

:octopus: #meta-game

Welcome MetaGamers! This is your little home inside of SourceCred. Give updates on your experiences using SC, or ask questions about our work together. Come shill or chill.

:eagle: #aracred

This is AraCred’s space inside SourceCred! Share your thoughts on our work together, visions, or implementation. Or just come hang with us for a while. :slight_smile:

:bank: MakerDAO

Welcome to the Maker space in SourceCred! Feel free to share your updates, opinions, and ideas around the use of SourceCred in Maker, or maybe just a little something about yourself. Here’s a space for our communities to get to know each other.

:robot: #gitcoin

Welcome to our GitCoin folks! Please come jam with us, ask your questions, and share your thoughts as you get to know our community.

Sensitive Channels - A space for the Core team and Contributors to have sensitive conversations. We value transparency and encourage everyone to use the public channels when possible.

:compass: #core

This channel is for Core contributors to have sensitive conversations. We value transparency, so please use the common access channels whenever possible.

:joystick: #contributors

This channel is for Contributors (those who are contributing to the project and earning some cred) to have sensitive conversations with each other and the Core team. We value transparency, so please use the common access channels whenever possible.

Chats - a place to manage the voice channels via text.

:satellite: #craig-moderation

This is where we toggle CraigBot to record things in our voice channels.

:studio_microphone: #voice-channel-chat

Look here to find the text conversation that corresponds to the call happening in the voice channels.

Voice Channels: Audio channels


:microphone: Side Room

:busts_in_silhouette: Water Cooler

:video_game: Game Room

Archive - the bones of old channels (if you’re still using one of these, please tell us so we can potentially resurrect it)











This artifact was preceded by its proposal which you can find here.