Sharing Cred attribution for content creators and Cred historians and curators

This was a note to self in the SourceCred Overview Presentation Artifact thread that turned into a broader discussion around how to assign credit for Initiative and Artifacts when "Cred Historians" and Curators are creating all the posts around a thing. We want the author of the content and the historians/curators to share the Cred, but it was not immediately intuitive how to accomplish this.

I think that since I (@burrrata) created the threads in #community:presentations and am linking to them here it would flow Cred to me vs @decentralion who actually wrote and gave the presentation. An easy fix would be to credit the presentation author and think link to the YouTube channel, but then that doesn’t link to the thread inside the forum where there might be additional information or discussions about the content. Going to try linking to the post, but mentioning the presentation author and presenter in the Contribution section. If there’s a better way to do this, however, please let me know.

We could add a magic keyword that changes authorship of a post “for cred purposes”, e.g. the text really-by: @decentralion would change de-facto authorship to me.

It would be good to fork this little discussion into its own thread so we can track it… definitely matters that we get this right. :slight_smile:

We could also use our magical admin privileges to change the owner/author of a comment/thread too. This gets a little tricky, however, because we want the "Cred Historians" and Curators to get the Cred for finding the data, organizing it, and creating a thread for it in the first place… but we also want to ensure that the original author of the content being organized is credited appropriately. Maybe we would need to create an Initiative for the presentation first, then credit that appropriately, then link that into the Artifact?

As part of a broader discussion on how to do Supernodes, Initiatives, and Artifacts correctly?

Yeah, agree that the cred historian should get cred too. Creating an initiative seems reasonable, although kind of heavyweight in our current system… wish we had a better tool for making new initiatives that wouldn’t require producing another notification on the forum :wink:

Yeah, it feels a little confusing to me that this discussion is part of a thread called “SourceCred Overview Presentation”, since it has little to do with that artifact in particular.

Well we got here because I wanted to create an Artifact for the presentation, but wasn’t quite sure how, which caused us to more deeply explore how Initiatives, Artifacts, and credit assignment works. Will fork into a new thread so that it can be more applicable in a broader context.

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