Odyssey Hackathon


We formed a SourceCred team for the Odyssey Hackathon 2019. @mzargham, @decentralion, @brianlitwin, @Brutalfluffy, @lb attended.

While there, we prototyped an ‘Odyssey Plugin’ which was intended to be a “manual mode” graph editor, allowing users to use the SourceCred protocol to assign cred in arbitrary projects. We also prototyped a pretty sweet graph visualizer for SourceCred:





It was a community building opportunity for SourceCred and got us a bit of exposure. @LB and @Brutalfluffy also did a bunch of design/visual art brainstorming. Check out this awesome poster that @LB made:

Implementation Plan

Go to hackathon.




The hackathon did not wind up producing much in the way of concrete outputs or deliverables.


The SourceCred protocol itself



  • @mzargham pulled together much of the team and managed relationships with the hackathon organziers
  • @decentralion led the hackathon team


All these people for all these things:

  • Sarah ( for logistics)
  • Jonathan Talbott (for narrative help)
  • Anastasia (sweet logo)
  • JP (for bringing us here)
  • Robert (For awesome sketches and logo ideas)
  • Catering (for enabling us to eat w/o leaving venue)
  • Grif (For hosting design team on his boat)
  • Eugene (For implementing frontend mockup)
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To Do

Find all the references and links to “Odyssey Hackathon” in this forum and update them to point to this Initiative.

@decentralion to confirm, until the Discourse Plugin Upgrade: tracking wiki updates is created, this will result in 0 Cred for the person who makes these updates right? lol

Correct–currently wiki modifications are invisible to SourceCred.

Added Discourse Plugin Upgrade: tracking wiki updates as a dependency to Pay $100k to SourceCred Contributors