Office Hours Agenda: 4/25

Please post here to add items to the agenda for our 4/25 office hours meeting.

I’ll start us off with some items:

  • Debrief from the Odyssey Hackathon
  • Present on the Odyssey Integration Plan (cf Odyssey MVP Working Notes) and our plan to enable everyone in the SC community to collaborate on updating our cred
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Im probably a bit out of loop but sourcecred is still a bit of a black box for me personally.

I’d really appreciate explanation and elaboration in clear English (sans math) so I can add some detail to this article aimed at manifesting funding:

I currently have your beautiful white board as place holder, but the section left open for you guys could use some cocreating; perhaps you’d like to prepare some text to be iterated on and integrated? If that doesn’t suit it’s also ok to leave that section out - it would just be a shame :slight_smile:

@JoshAFairhead: You might find this article and successive discussion helpful. It is work in progress but its the most exhaustive non-technical overview of @decentralion’s vision.

Perfect, I’ll summarise that and circle back to him to for validation an QC afterwards. Ty

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@JoshAFairhead, you might also find this post helpful: A Gentle Introduction to Cred

Ohhh, thank you. The power is gentle :slight_smile:

Where does the meeting take place?

@JoshAFairhead: The meeting will be held on Zoom at this url:

Thanks, see you in 20 min :slight_smile:

@JoshAFairhead here’s another (more high level / introductory) take at explaining SourceCred: Proposed new landing page prose