Community Call (11/26/2019) - Notes & Recording)

Below are the audio recording and notes for the community call on 11/26/2019.



SourceCred community call will now be weekly! For details see: Weekly SourceCred Community Call.

@decentralion gives ideas on plans to make SourceCred its own entity, tentatively titled ‘Cred Corp’, and how that could be structured. Grain issuance (for now), will not be floating, as previously explored. The Grain/cred exchange rate will remained fixed, as it has been so far during the CredSperiment. They are also working on writing a roadmap for SourceCred for 2020.

@Beanow reports they have been working on the Discourse plugin to make it faster, and enable a faster, more robust way to sync with upstream data (important for the upcoming initiatives plugin). Next he plans to work implementing the initiative system. Brainstorms about evolution of infrastructure. Recomments pitchfork economics podcast.

@jwaup expressed interest in developing on SourceCred, asked questions about how to get started and offered to be a guinea pig for using our incomplete, out of date docs. @s_ben accepted offer and will connect with them on documentation initiatives. Interested in potentially working on Spotlight feature.

@mzargham listened in and chimed in on brainstorming governance ideas, social externalities.

Sabba (not finding on Discourse…) asked in chat about motivations of Protocol Labs (@protocol), @decentralion elaborates on the relationship and how PL will fit into the graph.

@Bex asks question about how new cred is created, resulting inflation.

@s_ben reports having two new podcasts in the can, will take on changing community call to weekly.


Thank you @s_ben :smiley:

Noticing something here about the recording, it seems different from what I heard during the call. Particularly unfortunate is the cutouts of @decentralion seem worse, on my side I would hear the low bandwidth “robot voice” effect, here it cuts entirely.

Anyway, good to get a second listen to the ‘Cred Corp’ ideas. Very exciting stuff!

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Good to know. I don’t re-listen to the whole call unless there’s something I need to edit out (e.g. sensitive info or someone that doesn’t want to be recorded). I have noticed similar artifacts when recording with CraigBot before. When I hear them in the podcast, I can usually mitigate them, by making people repeat themselves or editing in post. What’s tricky is that sometimes dropouts occur in the recording and you don’t hear it while recording, or vice versa. Perhaps due to network issues between Discord and the server recording the audio. Fortunately hasn’t been a major issue yet, but good to keep an eye on.

Here’s a post with a lot more context around setting up an independent SourceCred entity.

I wrote a longer post on checks and balances between SourceCred interest groups, as discussed during the call.

Thanks for putting this together. Very useful for peeps like me who aren’t able to make the calls :slight_smile:

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