Community Call (12/10/2019) - Notes & Recording

Below are the audio recording and notes for the community call on 12/10/2019.



Focus this week was mainly on governance, with discussion around champions (what they are and how they’re chosen), a proposed Director role, various voting mechanisms, and issues around on-chain vs. off-chain components (SC could have a blockchain??).

@decentralion has been on “soft vacation” in Mexico in the last week, but has started drafting a SourceCred manifesto and getting good feedback. Having convos around making SC more democratic, exploring voting mechanisms and hacking up prototypes of them.

@Beanow has shipped a bunch of code this week to make initiatives system a reality. He has a working prototype, and can create graphs for all initiatives and 80% of the references in those initiatives. Will be working next week on refining the references system, is hoping to ship next week. Shared thoughts around the evolution of Champions.

@dillchen, from Commonwalth Labs has been diving into the SourceCred docs, Discourse, and chimed in with some thoughts on SC’s evolving governance, UI/UX issues related to systems that mix on-chain and off-chain elements.

@Angie (not seeing on Discourse…Angie, if you create and account and ping me, I’ll make sure you some lurker cred:).

@ianjdarrow, Ian - listened from a secret undisclosed location (mysterious…), weighed in on on-chain elements that are necessary for SC to scale.

@miyazono - also listening in from secret undisclosed location…

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