Weekly Community Call (1/21/2020)

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Join us for the weekly SourceCred community call! Community calls typically occur every is Tues at 11am (PST).

Meeting Info

1/21/2020, 11am (PST)

Google calendar event (has link to call)

If you’d like a direct email invitation to the event, please send @s_ben a private message with your email.


Group updates

  • Everyone on call gives a quick update on what they’ve worked on in the last couple weeks.


  • How / when should we decentralize decision making and power in SourceCred?
  • How do we decentralize sourcecred at a technical level?
  • Gow centralized/decentralized will the network of projects using SourceCred be? “who controls the meta-cred-graph”


This week’s theme was decentralization. Topics included dimensions of decentralization (technical/regulatory/social/political), various governance systems such as electing leaders, direct democracy, earning authority through gamification…how to keep SourceCred permissionless and inclusionary, novel voting mechanisms and how data analysis of cred can inform decisions.

CredSperiment update

@decentralion wants to switch to a new process for reviewing cred scores. Idea is to not focus as much on contributions, which biases us towards emotionally fraught discussions and makes it easy to ignore when SourceCred is failing. Wants to switch to reviewing contributions and cred recieved. They have posted a weekly analysis as an example. Idea is that contributors will create rituals where they regularly review cred at different timescales (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.), adding new Initiatives to capture missed work, adjusting scores, and evolving the process. Humans will be in the loop at every step.

We’re planning to start redeeming Grain through DAI for logistical reasons.

Individual updates

@Beanow has been working on load code refactoring. On 3rd refactor related to the Initiative system. This work should be worth the effort and make reference detection much better, as well as make lots other features easier to implement down the line.

@decentralion has been helping @anon60584824 set up the new sourcecred/docs repo and helping review the first community docs. Cleaning up the core SourceCred algorithm, documenting it better to unblock @anon60584824’s alternate Python implementation. Helping with Initiatives. Doing background work around fundraising.

@anon60584824 has been working on community docs, gathering feedback. Community is invited to review docs on GitHub. Investigating automation that will populate docs in .github repo across all SourceCred repos. Looking in Jekyll template to render beautiful docs.

@Bex listening in, following discussions on Discourse.

@brianlitwin has been coding, merged 2 PRs this week. Catching up on Discourse.

@miyazono have been talking to people about SourceCred in the context of cool research things.

@LB has been doing lots of logistics for CredCon. Extended AirBnB in Denver for 1 day, updated CredCon Everything You Need to Know doc, took notes for meeting with @NukeManDan (who helped set up @decentralion to speak at more events (speaking at 3 total now)). Interfaced with media team, which will be helping to create a SourceCred video at EthDenver. Helping @decentralion beef up their presentations for EthDenver, creating new visuals. Coordinating flights, putting together CredCon “official” schedule (may diverge from it as we see fit). Learning GitHub, brainstormed with @s_ben about creating consent culture, how to communicate that.

@s_ben has been participating on discourse, researching on-chain infrastructure (post coming soon he swears!). Recieved small batch of SourceCred stickers. Posted prototype SourceCred instances for MakerDAO on MakerDAO forums, got valuable feedback from community.

@ianjdarrow has been ha ing strategic convos focused on high-level mechanics of how a Grain redemption contract could work, with focus on legal/regulatory issues.


Below is a recording of the call.










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Also like the suggestion of decentralization as the theme. Something I’ve talked at length about with @anon60584824, @nothingismagick and, others from a sustainability point of view.

Seems like they also touch on @dillchen’s posts, perhaps they’re also willing / able to join this call?

My hope is to come away with some ideas / inspiration that would make sense for the SourceCred community itself. Using it as input for a discussion, whether it’s time SourceCred more actively transitions out of “TBD” governance.

Edit note: fixed the dates, they were 2019

I got @dillchen’s email yesterday and put him on the community call Gcal invite. They’re interested in attending some calls.

I sadly won’t be able to make this meeting, I will listen to community call audio and add notes here + answer the questions on the threads.

@burrrata represents my fun views well on the potential chain stuff.

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Next time! Will post notes and recording on this post asap and link them in #community-call channel.