Weekly Community Call (1/7/2020)

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Join us for the weekly SourceCred community call! Community calls typically occur every is Tues at 11am (PST).

Meeting Info

1/07/2020, 11am (PST)

Google calendar event (has link to call)

If you’d like a direct email invitation to the event, please send @s_ben a private message with your email.


May change. Feel free to add items! :slight_smile:

Group updates

  • Everyone on call gives a quick update on what they’ve worked on in the last couple weeks.

CredSperiment update

  • Update from @decentralion about progress, feedback from participants.

Open community Q&A

  • Anyone is invited to ask questions.


This week saw a record 8 people in the community call. Topics of discussion included the recent (controversial) weight change in the CredSperiment, guidelines for how we have discussions, the effect of money on incentives in OSS projects, communities independently validating cred scores, review culture, bias in data visualizations of cred, the lag between features only available to devs vs. the community at large, and CredCon logistics.


We have decided to explore changing the UI to focus on how cred is flowing to contributions not contributors. @decentralion will also start posting weekly cred scores, and give the community a chance to discuss and tweak before Grain is minted. @anon60584824 came up with the idea of a social contract document. We decided to create a repo to store canonical docs, which have been reviewed and the community has reached consensus on.


@beanow had a light week. Got sorted for CredCon, merged a bunch of code and contributed to discussions on Discourse.

@brianlitwin worked on 2 GitHub issues.

@decentralion made a change to cred weights using TBD powers. Learned from experience and decided focusing on analyzing contributions, not people, could be more productive. Created observable notebooks that show how different types of activity mints cred. Sent formal funding proposal to @protocol; initial reaction seems positive. Created guidelines around creating a review culture and started repo for canonicalizing important community documents.

@anon60584824 worked on a contributor graphic/widget, making it easier to create with GitHub actions within containers. Spoke with @decentralion about how to apply CS/data science background in SourceCred. Is interested in hacking on visualizations.

@LB did a lot of CredCon activity that hasn’t showed up in the graph yet :eyes: Created registration form for CredCon, doc with everything you need to know (which will be updated as time goes on). Took questions from attendees, worked on securing housing. Is working on the Initiatives guide.

@s_ben has been participating in Discourse discussions, managing the community call (e.g. this), putting out Podcasts on social media, participating in spontaneous calls on Discord,.

@nothingismagick has been exploring how SourceCred can fit into their business ventures, OSS business models generally. Kickstarted discussion of how traditional employment will interface with SourceCred.

@amico listened in, shared thoughts on SourceCred not imposing its values on other communities.












Some backup topics I have in mind:

  • Lag between “prototype” features devs can use, vs others in the community.
  • Fleshing out the split of a team call vs community call.

(Note: also made the opening post a wiki)

:thinking: In my mind this topic format was intended to be a wiki. But I went back and saw most of the previous calls topics are not. @s_ben do you prefer them to be wiki’s or normal posts?

I thought they were wikis by default (they’re created with a template), but never checked that assumption. @burrrata can we make these wikis by default?

The initial Initiative for Organizing SourceCred's Discourse is wrapping up so I’m no longer an admin, but @decentralion or @wchargin can make that change for you

I’ve made them wikis by default.