Weekly Community Call (12/17/2019)

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Join us for the weekly SourceCred community call! Community calls typically occur every is Tues at 10am (PST).

Meeting Info


Google calendar event (has link to call)

If you’d like a direct email invitation to the event, please send @s_ben a private message with your email.


May change. Feel free to add items! :slight_smile:

Group updates

  • Everyone on call gives a quick update on what they’ve worked on in the last couple weeks.

CredSperiment update

  • Update from @decentralion about progress, feedback from participants.

Open community Q&A

  • Anyone is invited to ask questions.


Talked about delegation of powers, titles such as Director, and how to keep SourceCred interactions non-transactional. @decentralion presented a beta roadmap, and discussion ensued around how to best implement that, how to recruit talent and give them the ‘forward economic certainty’ they need in a non-traditional model, and technical challenges ahead.

@decentralion has been sick and recovering, but still reviewing code and keeping convos going on Discourse. Has kept the ball moving on the capital raising front, talking to Andreessen Horowitz. Next week plans to be heads down doing development work from Mexico City.

@wchargin looked into a security vulnerability flagged by GitHub, should be fixed. Plans to be coding and reviewing waiting PRs.

@Beanow has been working on the initiatives plugin, which is nearly ready. Last bit of work centers around loading and reference detection. Next will be looking at ways to refactor the plugin architecture to better facilitate reference detection.

@s_ben has been working on podcast, finished porting to Podbean, allowing for RSS syndication on Spotify, iTunes, etc. Also participating on governance discussions on Discourse.

@sababa listening in, offering thoughts on governance.




@s_ben As always, thanks for the notes! :slight_smile:

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