Weekly Community Call (1/14/2019)

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NOTE: Community call is at at NEW TIME! It has moved from 10am to 11am (PST) moving forward

Join us for the weekly SourceCred community call! Community calls typically occur every is Tues at 11am (PST).

Meeting Info

1/14/2019, 11am (PST)

Google calendar event (has link to call)

If you’d like a direct email invitation to the event, please send @s_ben a private message with your email.


Group updates

  • Everyone on call gives a quick update on what they’ve worked on in the last couple weeks.

CredSperiment update

  • Update from @decentralion about progress, feedback from participants.

Open community Q&A

  • Anyone is invited to ask questions.


This week saw a big discussion of how emotional labor can be quantified and rewarded. Other topics included review culture, localized ‘team-based’ cred, and how to replicate desirable behaviors seen in OSS generally.


@decentralion did not do the usual Grain distributions this week. In the spirit of review culture, they are introducing a new process whereby the prior week’s cred is first posted on Discourse to give the community an opportunity to review and suggest changes. Contributors will spend 1-2 weeks reviewing cred, tweaking if necessary, before Grain is distributed.

Individual Updates

@Beanow has been commenting on Discourse and GitHub, reviewing and refactoring code, and taking spontaneous calls.

@brianlitwin squashed a bug, has a feature PR in the works.

@decentralion kicked off a new review process for cannonical documentation, starting with a doc on review culture. Has been refactoring the core SourceCred algorithm to clean it up and make it more legible new newcomers. Also creating technical documentation for the core algorithm. Researching the best legal structure for SourceCred, with help from @protocol. Has been studying other crypto projects’ governance for best practices.

@miyazono has registered for CredCon, has been doing background work on SourceCred/@protocol logistics.

@LB has been working on CredCon planning and logicstics. Has booked an amazing house in Boulder (15 beds, air mattresses, hot tub, etc.), as well as a townhouse in Denver for the days of EthDenver, 10 min walk to the convention. Putting together schedule of events.

@s_ben has been working on documentation, Discourse convos, ordering stickers for CredCon, and researching on-chain DAO architectures.

@amico listening in.


Below is a recording of the call:









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Good thing you reminded me. Updated calendar :stuck_out_tongue:

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Skimming through the recording here, seems like @Bex participated as well. Going by voice here but seem like 17:30 for example is a question from her.

Good catch! Also, just learned that @Bex has two Discourse accounts (alter ego is @Bex?). So it’s on my todo list to go back and make sure we’re referencing the correct account for all the community calls.

Yeah I’m not sure why that is! I’ve mostly been using @Bex and not @Bex. And thanks for the catch @Beanow!

@Beanow, @decentralion, would it be possible (and desirable) to link @Bex and @Bex254 identities using the identity plugin? When I look at the Identity plugin docs, it only mentions linking across platforms (e.g. GitHub and Discorse), but can it link within the same platform?

We can just merge the two Discourse accounts to clean up the duplication at the source. This will move all content from one account to the other, and then delete the orphaned account.

@Bex, would you like us to merge @Bex into @Bex? I note that @Bex was created earlier (November 2019 rather than January 2020), so we could also merge the other way if you want.


this linkage already exists: https://github.com/sourcecred/cred/blob/0ae31f0900a26ddbf3390bc9cc65fb18a4912794/project.json#L30


Ah, cool. Good to know identity plugin can link multiple identities on the same platform.

I’d prefer to be @Bex, thank you!