Weekly Community Call (1/28/2020)

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Join us for the weekly SourceCred community call! Community calls typically occur every is Tues at 11am (PST).

Meeting Info

12/28/2019, 10am (PST)

Google calendar event (has link to call)

If you’d like a direct email invitation to the event, please send @s_ben a private message with your email.


Group updates

  • Everyone on call gives a quick update on what they’ve worked on in the last week.
  • Shout out to @s_ben for engaging with MakerDAO, some exciting progress there
  • Let’s discuss @anon60584824’s rad code of conduct draft
  • Would like to socialize my mint cred on :heart: proposal

Open community Q&A

  • Anyone is invited to ask questions.


This week saw discussion of a number of topics, including the process for creating community docs like the code of conduct, engagement with Maker, the move to like-minted cred, creating a weekly team meeting and CredCon.

If you’ve booked flights to CredCon, please send flight info to @LB!

Project Updates

Moving forward, cred will be minted on likes instead of posts. @decentralion will be changing the weights accordingly for the next cred distribution. We will also be having a new weekly “Team Call”. Team Calls are for discussing how to implement things, unblocking each other, and generally hanging out as a team. Open to anyone working on SourceCred and looking to coordinate with other community members. Team calls typically occur every Thursday at 11am (PST).

Individual updates

@beanow continues work on the great refactoring.

@brianlitwin has been catching up on discourse, reading up on the mirror module so he can help with refactor there.

@Bex has been reading discourse, trying to explain SC to people that have never heard of it. Please share if you find anything that works!

@decentralion has been supporting @s_ben’s Maker outreach, working on like-minting cred, doing a large refactor and cleanup of the core SourceCred algorithm so it’s easier to document and create alternate implementations. Flew to SF to meet up with @protocol people. PL will not be investing in SourceCred at this time, but will continue to support the project in other ways. We’re also still looking for ways to get PL in the graph so it gets proper cred.

@anon60584824 has been working on community docs, starting with the code of conduct doc. Has also started creating a python implementation of SourceCred!

@LB has been working on CredCon, finalizing schedule, supporting @decentralion in creating presentations and related artwork, looking into purchasing supplies for CredCon.

@s_ben has been busy on discourse and engaging with Maker community.

@amico speaks! Is planning on putting his thoughts around SourceCred into writing.


Below is a recording of the call.










Some subjects for discussion:

  • Shout out to @s_ben for engaging with MakerDAO, some exciting progress there
  • Let’s discuss @anon60584824’s rad code of conduct draft
  • @LB mentioned wanting to talk about CredCon – maybe we can schedule a followon call just focused on CredCon?
  • Would like to socialize my mint cred on :heart: proposal
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