Proposal: Weekly "team calls"

We currently have a weekly community call. What would we think of having weekly team calls too?

The community call would retain its emphasis on being inclusive, welcoming to people just discovering SourceCred, and relatively high-level. The team call, while also public, would orient towards participants are actively engaged in SourceCred. Therefore, it would have more deep dives, more discussion of strategy and prioritization, etc.

Like the community calls, I’d want the team calls to be recorded, both for the preservation of context and so we can do cred attribution. Though we may find it useful to carve out non-recorded time each call; for example, recording in the first 40 mins, no recording in the last 20 mins.


I’m down. Might save some time hashing things out, much as I like writing mini essays on Discourse:)

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Is there a way to preserve context and Cred attribution without recording the call?

For the community calls, attribution (afaik) is just @'ing people in the notes for the meeting. Presumably we could use the same format for team meetings.

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I like the distinction, I think it’s a good opportunity to diverge the formats to be more effective for their specific goals. Right now I think the calls lean towards being not too accessible for people, lots of jargon and often the usual suspects speaking most of the time. So my guess is the community call especially would benefit from having a separate team call.

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