Team Meeting re: On-chain Grain

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We’re going to have our first team meeting 2019-12-19T18:00:00Z! (same time as the community call)

We’re going to be discussing setting up on-chain Grain via an ERC20 token, with @ianjdarrow, who is interested in championing it. It’ll be held on our Discord. We’ll decide at the start of the meeting whether or not to record it.

@burrrata: hope to see you there


What factors would sway the outcome of this decision and is it possible to make this decision before the meeting starts?

If either you or @ianjdarrow don’t want it recorded, then it won’t be. Feel free to veto it upfront if you want.

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Cool. Unless anyone has a preference otherwise let’s take notes instead of recording. Happy to volunteer as note taker as well if that’s helpful :slight_smile:

Will take you up on that @burrrata. Was going to offer to take notes as well, but it’s really hard for my single-threaded brain to take notes and participate at the same time (one reason I record community calls).