Team Meeting Notes (3/5/2020)

Hi team:

We had our first formal team meeting today. Here are my notes from the chat, and I welcome anyone else to chime in or offer corrections (this post is a wiki).




  • @decentralion shared their plans to transition CredSperiment grain minting to be a fixed grain-per-cred (post forthcoming)
    • @beanow asked if this introduced risks that the project would have more Grain issued than demand to purchase it at $1/Grain
  • @beanow brought up Retroactive Initialization now that the Initiatives plugin has shipped
    • We discussed how turning on fixed grain-per-cred distributions will create a strong incentive to get retroactive initialization up-and-running
    • @amico proposed that initiative champions can budget cred flows for their initiatives. Not clear how we’d regulate this, though
    • We discussed how it’s difficult to come up with specific cred values for a given initiative.
    • We decided to move this discussion into asynchronous Discourse discussion
  • @anon60584824 shared progress on the github cred-action. It just needs a few reviews to move forward
  • @beanow and @decentralion discussed the “quality of life” initiative that @beanow is championing and agree that it’s high priority
  • @decentralion will be working on building a grain ledger and UI (initiative to come)
  • @decentralion collected feedback from participants:
  • People liked the meeting and found it valuable
  • Hour might be too short?
  • Might be good to have agenda items submitted in advance
  • Liked having hard time boundaries on sub discussions (moving on from minting discussion) and holding to the hour deadline
  • Can “spill over” into side rooms afterwards
  • Like the idea of scheduled subject-specific meetings afterwards

We decided to keep using this format for the next few team weeks and see how it evolves. We also ended on time. :slight_smile: