Community Call (10/29/2019) - Notes & Recording

Below are the audio recording and notes for the community call on 10/29/2019.



@decentralion gives ideas on “graduating” from Phase 0 (the CredSperiment) to Phase 1, which may involve a floating Grain price (currently Grain price is pegged to $0.01/Grain). They also sketch rough outlines for Phases 2 and 3. More details are forthcoming in an upcoming Discourse post :eyes: :eyes:.

@LB is continuing work on evolving SourceCred designs, gets positive feedback on her T-shirt graphics.

@miyazono said they were “just here for the updates and puns”, but weighed in with thoughts on governance systems – which should come into play around Phase 2.

@rzurrer dropped in and asked some questions relating to the subjectivity in valuations and Grain issuance, kickstarting a discussion around how artifacts and initiatives will act as higher level nodes to reflect activity not currently in the graph.

@Beanow has been working on the initiatives plugin, translating the Discourse-based initiatives to nodes in the graph and giving them weights. In fixing issues with the Discourse plugin, has made a nice discovery. API keys are not needed to analyze public Discourse forums. This means we can have fun analyzing big forums from other projects:) Also drops a video on complex systems design into chat and starts a discussion around it.

@s_ben has been working on the podcast, and forgot to bring up who we should interview next.

Thanks for organizing the call, posting the recording, and drafting the notes, @s_ben!

I gave it a 4x weight for cred purposes (pending us using the initiatives or artifacts system to value these more systematically). See sourcecred/cred#6.

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