Community Call (12/03/2019) - Notes & Recording

Below are the audio recording and notes for the community call on 12/03/2019.



SourceCred is moving into recruitment mode. Looking to raise awareness of the project among potential contributors that might be a good fit. Initial governance discussed. Brainstorming on voting system with which to decide major issues, such as weekly Grain issuance.

@decentralion talked about bringing more people into the project, potentially championing some initiatives. Is writing a SourceCred (SC) manifesto outlining SC’s overarching mission, where they imagine the project going, how our near-term plans connect to the long-term vision, and what type of help we need building the SourceCred community (initial draft). They are also working on drafts for the roadmap, thinking about what would make SourceCred a good “beta experience” for projects using it. Initial goals include better docs, easier build and deployment and building a better UI. Once initiatives plugin is operational, they want to begin releasing more Grain to make project more “real” for contributors.

@Beanow has made progress on Discourse plugin improvements. Improvements have been merged and they’ll be activated soon. Next working on initiative system, focusing first on getting a bare bones version, then iterating on that. He and Dandelion discussed technical issues around that.

Sabba (not finding on Discourse…) Listening but not asking questions this time…Will get lurker cred if they get a Discourse account;)

@s_ben has been working on podcasts and community calls. Next working on preparing podcasts for social media push to raise project awareness.


Yes, let’s please start creating references to people that attend the calls–especially with the new “participation power” concept, we should do a good job of tracking participation.