Grain distributions will switch to opt-in

During our most recent team call, @anon60584824 surfaced some concerns around distributing Grain to everyone in the SourceCred community. Since we aren’t exactly sure what Grain is, it might put contributors in an uncomfortable situation with respect to their tax or accounting requirements.

Since we value consent as a community, we’re going to change how we do this to make sure that Grain is only distributed to people who have actively opted-in. Basically, each week we will initially allocate Grain as if everyone had opted-in. However, only those who have opted-in will actually receive Grain. All the Grain that isn’t distributed will be held by the project, with the intention of giving it to contributors who later decide to opt-in to receiving Grain.

Right now, Grain is being tracked in an extremely ad-hoc and informal way (via my manual Observable notebooks). Since no-one has yet opted in to Grain, and Grain isn’t yet “real” in the form of an ERC20 or any verified verified infrastructure for computing it, I propose that we treat the quantities in the Observable notebooks as a “preview” of Grain for when we really launch it with proper infrastructure. This way, no-one who hasn’t opted in will have received any Grain.

When we actually launch Grain, we’ll ensure that everyone that opts-in will receive Grain in accordance with the “preview” balances in the current notebooks. We can treat any transfers of Grain as agreements by the sender that they will opt-in to Grain, and will transfer it to the recipient once Grain launches (and the project can make sure these agreements are honored).