Week 5 Grain Distribution

Hi all,

It’s Friday, time for the 5th week of Grain distribution!

A lot of exciting contributions have been made this past week, including:

When we have Cred Bounties, such progress should automatically correspond to more Grain getting unlocked for the whole community. Since we don’t have that system yet, I’m going to sub in for it manually, and release 1M Grain, ($10,000 redeemable). As another “prototype” towards Cred Bounties, I’ve used the manual node weights system to assign higher node weights to the four contributions listed above. You can see the details and some discussions on the pull request.

With that all explained–here are the results!

As always, you can see the full results in the published notebook.

Note to @s_ben: I still haven’t implemented the transfer accounting, so your balance is overstated by 11,214 Grain.


Woot! Definitely feeling that grain bump :slight_smile: