Podcast #1 - Dandelion

Below is the first SourceCred podcast! In this episode we talk to @decentralion, founder and project lead for the SourceCred project.

(If the Mixcloud embedding isn’t rendering for you, you can also click here

(artwork by @LB)

Haven’t posted this anywhere yet, so we can still change/tweak if we want. @panchomiguel, see any changes you want to make?

For now, hosting on mixcloud, per @nothingismagick’s suggestion (negative cred to him if it sucks). If we’re happy with this, I can take on updating and maintaining our page there. Can also share/transfer the account if other people want permissions.

Next steps:

  • Set up RSS distribution (so it shows up on Spotify, iTunes, etc.)
  • Distribution: Tweet from @sourcecred, post on Reddit, etc.
  • Line up next guest off guest list

This is great! Is there a marketing plan to get this into the ears of more people?

Really dig the summary at the beginning, Seth :+1:

FYI, it took me a while to figure out that my push to speak had somehow toggled off (I think it was when the craigbot came on?)

@s_ben I think the conversation flowed pretty well upon a second listen. There was no further editing besides the intro, right? I’m available most days this week to voice chat and spitball for our next recording.

With regards to marketing the recordings: we have plans to post them further through twitter/reddit leveraging any audiences that our future interviewees may have. It feels ok to us to record a few before prioritizing getting it out there too much.


@panchomiguel so I did end up having to edit out silence from pretty much every transition, as there was an unnaturally long pause due to the push to talk. Also edited out a few keyboard clicks. Next time actually, it would be cool if we can get it working without PTT just to eliminate that editing and make it sound more natural.

I’m pretty busy this week, but schedule is flexible and down to voice chat pretty much whenever. Tomorrow afternoon may not be the best (though doable), any other time is good.

@decentralion have updated your pronoun in the intro. Had to delete the original podcast and reupload, but it looks like the URL is the same, so should still work for anyone you’ve already sent it to.

Btw, I totally had they in my written script. But reread it like 20 times to get it right, and the he slipped back in. Singular they refactoring is still a work in progress :slight_smile:

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Now that the podcast is polished I’m wondering how we should put it in front of people?

A few folks who were on the podcast call said they had questions about it that they didn’t quite feel comfortable asking in person, but could ask on the Discourse. So I’m thinking maybe we could post a “Podcast Q&A” thread where it starts with the podcast, and everyone can ask their questions. (That could be this thread, except this thread is oriented a bit more about the logistics and production right now.)

Also, do we want to tweet and link out to the podcast directly, or to the Q&A thread or some other entry point in Discourse?

cc @s_ben and @panchomiguel for thoughts.

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+1 on the Q&A thread. You’d also mentioned just taking the time to shout people out individually at the end of the call. If there’s still a small amount of people on the next one, it shouldn’t be too hard to ask people by name

@s_ben It’d be nice to talk this weekend. Informal, like the previous call we did. Getting to know each other could be helpful for the conversational dynamic I think

I like the Q&A thread, though one advantage to linking to the podcast directly is you get a nice embedded player on Twitter that is more clickable. Also, convention generally is to link to the site hosting the podcast, where people can peruse other podcasts more easily. Maybe just include the link to the Podcast/Q&A thread in the podcast description? At the end of the podcast, tell people they can click the link to our discourse if they have any questions?

We also want to set up RSS. That way any fans that want to follow us have an easy way to do that in their podcast of choice (Itunes, etc.). Doesn’t look like Mixcloud has an easy integration option here… @nothingismagick what did you use for RSS?

Sure. What time is good for you?

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I’ve created the Q&A thread here:

@s_ben, can you update the description to point to it?

Done. Description copy:

We interview Dandelion, founder and project lead for the SourceCred project. If you have any questions for Dandelion, ask them on our Q&A thread for this post! Podcast #1 - Q&A

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Just fyi, apparently the mixcloud embed doesn’t work on iOS Safari.

I was wondering what you meant by “below” since there was nothing there.

Thanks for the info, @erlend_sh! I updated the Podcast Q&A post and this post to have explicit links to the mixcloud. I also moved your post to this thread, so that the Q&A thread can stay on topic.

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