Podcast #1 Notes

For the first podcast, @panchomiguel and I will interview @decentralion. We’ll be meeting in the #General voice channel on Dischord at 10am on Thursday to hash out some details, test the audio equipment. Gcal invite here if you feel like joining (sorry, no OSS alternative yet).

Podcast structure

For the basic structure, right now we’re thinking of doing a ~30 min interview, as @nothingismagick suggested, then segueing into the regularly scheduled weekly sourcecred community call, where people can ask dandelion follow-up questions, raise concerns, or just chat with other contributors.


If you have any specific topics or questions you’d like to ask dandelion, don’t hesitate to comment:)

Questions I have so far:

  • Can you tell us a bit about your background, how you came to found SourceCred?
  • Can you tell us a bit about the arc of the project, how we got here?
  • How do you think the CredSperiment is going? Have there been any surprises?
  • You recently watched the Black Mirror episode Nosedive where a rating system breaks dystopian. How was that?
  • What does your most utopian vision of SourceCred look like?
  • What do you think are SourceCred’s biggest challenges? If it fails, what do you think will be the reason.
  • Where do you hope to see the project in 6 months?


We recorded the last community call using Craig bot as a test. Here’s a link to the first couple minutes (Audacity project, mp3). I think Craig bot sounds pretty good, and am down to try that. Though he seems to have stopped responding to me…:confused: Thoughts @panchomiguel?


@s_ben - regarding Craig - I think you need to stay in the channel you are recording in order to command him (start and stop).

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Seems like my voice was pretty quiet in this sample, was it also that way in the call? e.g. should I fix that on my end?

Also MP3 as a codec is obsolete, it’s been outclassed by newer codecs in terms of quality and compression ratios and basically shouldn’t be used anymore for any purpose. You may want to download a lossless format to edit (e.g. FLAC), and save the edited version either as FLAC, AAC or Opus.

Short version of what to pick as the final format:

  • FLAC if another service will re-encode the file (mixcloud?). Otherwise probably overkill.
  • Opus when you can, but playback and container support is spotty.
  • AAC as a ubiquitous support option. Though the only non-free license here.

Settings wise, Opus 24-32 kbps should work for podcasts. AAC I don’t know by heart but I’d start with 32-40 kbps.

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I think your voice is just quiet @Beanow:) If recording with Craig, your voice is on a separate channel and we can easily up your volume.

Good info on the codecs, was wondering about that. Chose mp3 just because I wanted to be sure everyone’s player could play it, but when we go into production will use one of these formats.