"Radio show" kickoff notes

Had a productive call regarding the proposed radio show, veered into some interesting tangents about SourceCred generally.


@decentralion, @nothingismagick , @ajbouh


@nothingismagick dropped some useful podcast knowledge, with some good recommendations. We will likely do an interview format, where a host (likely me) and co-host (decentralion when they can make it) will interview SC contributors, other interesting people in the space. Recommendations taken:

  • Keep it to 30 mins
  • Have a list of topics ready to go through
  • Have a co-host that can help with logistics, audio tech
  • Record with intention for it to be interesting for people to listen to 6 mo from now
  • Investigate using Craig bot to record calls

Desired guests on deck:

Success metrics discussed:

@decentralion has suggested that which topics to cover could be voted on with cred-weighted votes, as a governance experiment. Perhaps using Discourse poll integration.

Community calls

After discussing podcasts, the discussion turned to the CredSperiment, SourceCred in general. All were in agreeance that it was interesting and productive way to discuss, and a weekly open call for community members to chat was proposed. Perhaps Mon or Tues…

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Thank you for taking notes, @s_ben!

Request for edit: I use they/them pronouns.

Oops! Edited. They they they they they they they they

:frowning_face: missed it, dammit gcal.

Was thinking about this list of topics. Multiple people have asked for weekly summary posts in a text format as well. I’m wondering if the drafting of the agenda for the radio show has some overlap with this and might double as input for such weekly posts.

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:heart: ing your post to flow you cred for expressing appropriate regret :frowning:

Have been thinking of helping with summary text, maybe a newsletter, but haven’t been motivated to do it. Probably because I’m doing a lot of that currently in my “day job”. That would probably be a good initiative actually.