Produce SourceCred Podcast

SourceCred Podcast

Initiative Description:

Discourse posts are great, but sometimes people just don’t have the time for long, thoughtful reponses. We want a place where people can discuss SoureCred in a fun, time-efficient way. Let’s create a podcast. We can interview contributors and interesting people in the space.


Participants will have a chance to discuss SourceCred in a fun, engaging way that is respectful of their time. The project gets exposure and more potential contributors become aware of it.

Implementation plan:


  • Set up production environment (mics, recording software, etc.)
  • Find co-host that can help with logistics, audio tech

For each podcast:

  • Find guest
  • Schedule time
  • Create topics to discuss
  • Record podcast
  • Lightly edit podcast
  • Broadcast on social media channels to start (if it gets traction, we can look into distributing more widely).

Estimated Work (hours):

Highly variable, but imagining:

  • Pre-production: 3 hrs
  • Production: 5 hrs
  • Distribution: 1 hr

Total: 9 hrs


Not dependent on any current initiatives that I see, but dependent on guest availability, availability of co-host.


See below.

Links to contributions:

Notes from brainstorming about podcast: