Podcast #2 Notes

For our second podcast, I’ll be joining @decentralion and hopefully @wchargin (and @panchomiguel?) to interview @mzargham. We’ll meet in the #podcast voice channel on Dischord at 10am (PST) on Tuesday to record. I’ll be available on Discord 30 mins early (9:30am) to help troubleshoot audio if anyone needs it or just brainstorm questions.

Podcast structure

We’re budgeting for a typical 30 minute interview, but considering the firepower on the call, it may go longer and bleed into the community call. After the podcast, we’ll jump back in the #General channel to give community members a chance to ask questions, give updates, or just hang out.


Here’s my preliminary set of questions for @mzargham. Please don’t hesitate to comment or suggest questions.

Questions I have so far:

  • Can you tell us a bit about your background, how you found SourceCred?

  • You’ve done some research work on SourceCred. Can you tell us about that?

  • At web3, you mentioned doing integration tests with SourceCred for some of the DAO designs. The SourceCred “DAO” is still in embryonic, planning phase right now. But nonetheless, do you have any ideas on this you can share?

  • Has your recent work at Block Science, analyzing other projects with cadCAD changed your perspective on SourceCred?

  • Have you been following the CredSperiment?

    • [optional followup] Back in August, at the beginning of the experiment to Dogfood SourceCred and pay contributors based on scores (now called the CredSperiment), you laid out three levels the project would go through as it scaled up,. We’re at level 1. https://discourse.sourcecred.io/t/dogfooding-sourcecred-via-opencollective/134/6 “Level 1: Non-Adversarial, everyone engaged in the dogfooding process is genuinely invested in figuring out how best to design and use a “reputation protocol for open collaboration”. At this stage we can be less concerned about closing off attack vectors than the space of possibilities. The risks associated with exposing an attack vector are nominal and in fact if we respond effectively, we are actually stronger for having found them. [antifragility]”. Are we still antifragile?
  • What do you think of recent developments? For example the discourse plugin, champions, initiatives plugin?

  • Where does SourceCred fit into existing platform technologies? Is it a platform technology itself?

  • What do you think SourceCred’s biggest challenges are? If it fails, what do you think will be the reason.

  • What is the most exciting aspect of SourceCred for you right now?

  • Where do you hope to see the project in 6 months?


We’ll be recording using Craig bot on Discord. We’ll be using Push to Talk (PTT) to keep the audio clean. You can turn this on under User Settings-> Voice & Video.

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