About the Initiatives category

Initiatives are proposals to improve SourceCred in some way. Initiatives will be a focal point for minting new cred and flowing it to contributors.

Here’s the template for an initiative:

Initiative name

Status: proposal

In a few words, describe the current status of the initiative.


Describe your initiative here. What’s the context for why it matters? What general features will it have?


Why will the project benefit if we prioritize this initiative?

Implementation plan:

Describe the steps that need to go into this initiative.


What concretely should we expect to see from this initiative? How will we know to what degree this initiative’s goals have been achieved?


A list of links to other initiatives. This section is used to track what other work this initiative depends on. When describing a complex initiative, it’s normal to split it up into many smaller dependencies, and then have the final goal depend on those smaller steps.


Here you can add any references that influenced the initiative, or would give the reader helpful context if they want to learn more. This section is important for flowing cred to the references; think of it a bit as like the “citations” section in a research paper.

The references should consist of a list of hyperlinks. If content has already been linked in elsewhere, there’s no need to link to it again.


A list of links to contributions that worked on this initiative. For example, if you’ve sent in a pull request that makes progress on this initiative, link to it here.


If the initiative has a champion, mention them here. More details on Champions.

Every initiative should be made into a wiki post (after writing one, you can click the gear icon at the bottom of the post, and then click convert to wiki). This way everyone can add more references, dependencies, and contributions to the initiative. (Use that privilege responsibly :slight_smile: ).


This seems related to governance: shaping and improving SourceCred. In fact, this seems more related to governance than a lot of the posts I created in that category lol

I’m confused as to how this works. Is there a more detailed tutorial/description somewhere?

EDIT: for clarification I understand the concept of a wiki, but don’t see the little gear icon to click

Another question: do initiatives need to be technical (code on GitHub), or would something like designing and implementing a curation protocol qualify?

Initiatives do not need to be technical. However, initiatives should be concrete, reasonably-scoped proposals for work. I think having an initiative for a content curation protocol makes a lot of sense; however, the thread you linked looks like a brainstorm rather than an initiative. Maybe it will be the first “reference” in the initiative that comes out of that discussion.

As a heuristic, if you feel tempted to delete all of the boilerplate from the initiative category, it probably isn’t an initiative. (Part of my intention is that we’ll write a parser in the initiative plugin which parses all of the boilerplate to figure out the graph structure.)

Ok cool. I wasn’t sure if the tagging process included everything related to initiative, or actually just the initiatives themselves. Thanks for fixing that

Perhaps the initiatives template should include the following section (to be inserted after “Benefits”):

## Deliverables

What concretely should we expect to see as the output of this initiative? How will we know to what degree this initiative achieved its goals?

Kind of like OKR scoring: if you just describe the high level objective and benefits, then it can be hard to assess the outcome of the project; it’s a lot easier if you’ve also specified concrete key results.


Agreed @wchargin, this has been in the back of my mind as something that needs to get added once we integrate cred bounties. I’ve incorporated your suggestion almost verbatim.

Suggesting 3 changes:

@Beanow: I’ve made this topic into a wiki. Please make any changes you see fit, and save them. Then I can just copy it into the template.

I changed the template above from quote to a code block (is that what you meant?), but now it’s a lot harder to read, so we may want to change it back.

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You’re right. Since the New Topic now inserts the template as well, copy pasting may be less of an issue than reading it here.

I’ve reverted it to a quote. Also added status, champion and initiative name.