How to flow Cred to people with multiple accounts

Been doing lots of research on DAOs over the years and decided to put it all in one place (a Discourse forum) so that people could engage with the material.

The way the forum is setup each DAO and/or platform has it’s own category. The pinned thread in each category is for the main DAO or platform, and then threads in that category are for forks and/or stuff built on that platform. In every thread the top level comment is a wiki so that the community can update it with relevant info, and then discuss below. This is somewhat similar to the format of Initiatives. As I was porting data over from various GitHub Issues, notes, and bookmarks I thought how cool it would be to create a SourceCred graph for the forum and then flow tokens to all the projects and/or contributors that update data on those projects.

Bit of a catch, however, in that initially I set the the forum up with a random admin account. Now, if I wanted to run SourceCred on the forum it would flow Cred to the admin account used to set stuff up, not a “burrrata” account. This seems sub-optimal. Thinking through how to fix this:

  • Recreate all threads with the “burrrata” account (this seems extremely stupid, but would create cred for lots of post creation)
  • Reassign every thread to “burrrata” (also stupid, but would flow Cred to burrrata for all future activity on threads that have been created).
  • Create a Supernode for “Forum Setup,” and then flow that Cred to a “burrrata” account (seems a bit more intelligent, but then would the admin account get tons of Cred for creating and owning all the foundational threads and categories that everyone else will then engage with?)

Curious how you guys would approach this?

SOLUTION: just change name and email of the default admin account

As a thought experiment, however, what would you do if you wanted to use SourceCred for a forum that did not have a clean contribution graph (single users contributing across multiple accounts)? Would you just have to spend a lot of time tweaking Supernodes and/or are there other ways to address this?

A single user contributing across multiple accounts is already a solved problem in SourceCred. Consider that I contribute both through this account (which we can call discourse/decentralion) and my GitHub account (which we can call github/decentralion).

This is why I wrote the identity plugin: it allows collapsing an arbitrary set of user identities into a single combined identity. So in the example of your forum, you could add an identity mapping that collapses discourse/random_admin and discourse/burrrata into one identity. (I maintain this for SourceCred, how to do it isn’t documented anywhere though.)

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Cool! Can I help with the documentation for that, or is it really something you need to do since it’s so obscure?

I think we should document it once the instance system is up.

Cool. Added it to the Initiatives Wish List