DAO Token Distributions & SourceCred

I’m giving a little talk at Web3 tomorrow (August 19), in the p2p room at 15:00.

Here are the slides for it, welcome any feedback or comments. I’ll probably try to compile it into a proper post afterwards.

DAO Token Distributions & SourceCred

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Blockchains vs Bullshit

DAOs vs CAOs

I love it lol

I thought this was in the slides and was totally going to call out @decentralion if he didn’t cred @aantonop lol.

I was going to leave the below comment on the gdoc, but then I wouldn’t get possible cred so leaving here :slight_smile:

On Problems with Bounties slide, tripped a little on ‘Encourages short-term orientation’. After thinking a couple seconds, agreed, but wasn’t sure how to articulate. Perhaps because bounties and contracts can be different things, and some contracts do encourage long-term orientation.

Generally digging slides. Good design, low clutter, easy to understand…

Was this ever compiled into a post and/or was the original presentation recorded?

Here’s a link to the YouTube video,

I see a few references/links to this in other pages, but it makes sense as a separate artifact (I think, still wrapping head around concept…). I’ve sent this to a few people now, as it’s a good, digestible intro for a wider audience.

Awesome! Actually created a thread for this in the #community:presentations category:

Regarding Artifacts, I wonder if it makes sense to have an Artifact for each presentation, then all the drafts, design, slides, and recorded sessions of that presentation could be contributions to the Artifact. Created an Artifact here to test that out:

Making a presentation into an artifact makes sense to me. It would be linked to from a broader “SourceCred documentation” artifact. If the presentation goes out of date and stops being relevant, then its weight (from the SourceCred documentation artifact) will decrease over time.