DAO Token Distributions & SourceCred

I’m giving a little talk at Web3 tomorrow, in the p2p room at 15:00.

Here are the slides for it, welcome any feedback or comments. I’ll probably try to compile it into a proper post afterwards.

DAO Token Distributions & SourceCred

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Blockchains vs Bullshit

DAOs vs CAOs

I love it lol

I thought this was in the slides and was totally going to call out @decentralion if he didn’t cred @aantonop lol.

I was going to leave the below comment on the gdoc, but then I wouldn’t get possible cred so leaving here :slight_smile:

On Problems with Bounties slide, tripped a little on ‘Encourages short-term orientation’. After thinking a couple seconds, agreed, but wasn’t sure how to articulate. Perhaps because bounties and contracts can be different things, and some contracts do encourage long-term orientation.

Generally digging slides. Good design, low clutter, easy to understand…