Intro + Decentralized decision making hackathon powered by SourceCred

Hey guys my name is Eylon and for the past year and a half I’ve been working on dHack (decentralized decision making hackathon) using DAOstack Alchemy. The last hackathon, where I guess some of you were present, was ETHDenver.

I’m a big fan and have been following the project for a long time. Now I may have the chance to use it and collaborate with you guys :smile:

Over the past few weeks I’ve been brainstorming ideas and collaboration for a virtual Combat Corona “decentralized” hackathon. The goal is to create a large community of those who care and think deeply about these issues. This community along with researchers and medical personnel will have the power and voice to influence the outcome of the hackathon, support and mentor the teams, and solve critical issues and real problems of people from all over the world struggling with Coronavirus and it’s impacts. Medical, Mental, social, learning apps and more.

This is a unique situation which puts society in uncharted waters and why employing wisdom of the crowds on a large scale can provide better decision making.

Would love to figure out a way to collaborate and use sourcecred to analyze the communities’ activity. 90% of all DAO activity is done off chain: synchronous (discord, tg, slack, etc) or asynchronous (Comments, discourse, disqus). Those who contribute and help with ideation, team forming, onboarding, and shipping a product or prototype should have a bigger say in influencing the outcomes of the DAO.

From the technical point of view, the transition between SourceCred and the DAO will be via a “wet oracle” so minimal technical integration.

I’ll be joining the community call to chat more.

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